Paper Quilling Birds Designs And Ideas


Paper quilling is a great art to make beautiful things from paper. One can easily craft amazing birds using paper. Quilling birds and animals is not a complex task for those with a creative mind. If you are interested in quilling, then it is your playground. Just kick start a creative journey with paper! ­čÖé

I too love this craft and enjoy making quilled earrings. Today I came across some beautiful bird designs. Here I am sharing these creative designs with my readers! Enjoy!

Paper Quilling Birds

 Svetlana V

quilled-birdsKatarzina Kalinowska

paper-quillingPaper Quilled Swan- Svetlana BELOVApaper-quilling-birdsSmilingarts paper-quilling-birds

paper-quilling-peacockpapercraftss.blogspot.inbird-paper-quillingKennedi Christopher Smith

paper-quilling-ideasHummingbird Paper Quilling – Brenda Yates






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