Quilled Paper Earring Patterns and Designs


Quilled earrings are a favorite for many of the craft lovers. It is an art which make use of papers to create wonderful designs. It can be effectively used for jewelry like earrings and chains. It is easy to learn paper quilling if you have patience and a bit of craft in your mind.

In paper quilling, you can make different shapes like circles, squares, floral petals and buds. Floral designs and patterns are often considered best for earrings. You can decide the number of petals for the floral design. First you need to make smaller petals and then assemble to create a flower. Here are some of the best designs I found online. All these images are copyright to the respective artists. If it is your design, please let me know so that I can add your name. If you want me to remove your work, let me know that also. These designs are shared only to be a source of inspiration to beginners in quilling. 🙂

Quilled Earring Patterns:

Quilling.itearring-designsVictoria Brewer

quilled earring patternsSuganthi









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