Amazing Paper Quilling Patterns and Designs


Paper quilling is an amazing craft which presents papers in a new dimension. You can create beautiful  art with different colors of papers. Thin strips of quality papers are usually considered best for quilling. Using newspaper strips, we can make beautiful patterns like flowers and birds.

Making letters with papers is a creative process that demands lot of time. You can make different letters in diverse patterns and in unique ways. Floral patterns and letters can be combined to make beautiful art works.

Here I have selected some of the best designs by popular  artists.

Paper Quilling Patterns



Yulia Brodskaya








Quilled   flower vase designs by Aurelia

quilling-ideasQuilled flower ideas Gullnas



flower-quilling-ideasPaper quilling birds  by Simone Elina

Neli quilling designs

50 thoughts on “Amazing Paper Quilling Patterns and Designs”

  1. Ur work is just excellent…extraordinare…I hav become fan of ur art work..hw can I learn from u ve made any online tutorial..plz let me knw.i I wana learn this art form..
    Suravi kumar

  2. Hallo Jesna!!
    Mir gefällt das Bild mit den zwei Blaumeisen!!Kann man das als Vorlage bekommen?Würde mich sehr darüber freuen wenn ich die von Ihnen bekommen könnte.Ihre Bilder gefallen mir sehr!
    Vielle liebe grüße Ute Kiewit

  3. khursheed b irani

    your patterns are awesome… how do you then frame them or do u keep them open ?? if so how do you then clean them

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  5. Its owesome!!!!! I really fall in love…will you please inform me about quilling classes… im in pune..please inform me..i m waiting for your reply…thanks

  6. really very very nyc and the cups are really awesome I want to make this really very beautiful and I think u will not publish my email address I m requesting not to do that

  7. Your work is simply beyond words could describe…its so much of thoughts and creativity and patients involved , its awesome ..Keep up this beautiful art…Bless !

  8. Hi.. Jesna .I love ur is super..fantastic.I want learn this art ..pls inform me about quilling classes… im in pune..please inform me..i m waiting for your reply…thanks

  9. hi jesna darling.i love ur is super and fantastic.i want learn this art.plz inform me about quilling classes.i am live in west bengal.i am waiting for your reply.thanks

  10. your caption is amazing paper quiling and your work is also amazing. by seeing them i fell in love with u r designs,its really marvellous……….. without appreciating u no one can leave this page.thanks for sharing u r creativity.

  11. Really an outstanding art you have done..I also do quelling but I am at primary stage now…and want to be professional in it…your work inspired me lot…thank you so much ….wish you all the best for your upcoming outstanding designs..

  12. Do you have patterns for your art work? They are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! My 10 year old did paper quilling in the 4-H fair last year and received a grand champion ribbon. She wants to do it again, but knows she has to step it up if she wants to stay competitive with herself. She was the only one that did paper quilling in Explorers. How hard is it to do the picture of the elderly man holding the guitar? That is my favorite. It’s just amazing!

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