Paper Quilling Earrings Designs And Ideas


Paper quilling jewelry is quite popular these days. You can easily make beautiful paper quilling earrings with this craft form. Quilling is a unique art which uses paper to craft amazing patterns and shapes. With a pinch of creativity and patience, you can make stunning paper jewelry. The best point is these accessories are Eco-friendly and light weight. With colored papers of diverse textures, one can craft attractive bracelets, necklace and earrings. Here I have selected some of the best paper earrings that I found online. Hope this would be a great inspiration for beginners. Enjoy! 🙂

Paper Quilling Earrings





quilled-earringsJames Avery

paper-quilling-earringErin Curet

quilling-earringsMarta Costantino

paper-earrings-easyNeli Quilling

quilling-neliAkanksha Gupta

paper-circle-earringsVBPureDesigns quilling-floral-earrings


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