DIY Wood Flower Making Step By StepTutorial


Have you ever thought of making wood flowers from wood peel? Here is a creative flower making tutorial to craft beautiful flowers from wood waste. Actually this idea came all of a sudden and just thought to try it out! 🙂

Yesterday some workers came home for wood work. After their work, they left some wood peels. Suddenly an idea came to mind. I have added step by step flower making instructions. Simply follow these steps and make beautiful flowers from natural materials.

First you need to take some light weight peels of wood as shown here. Make sure that each peel is good enough to cut out petals. You need thread, some iron strands and petals to start with.

Wood Flower Making Tutorial



Take a piece of wood peel and cut out petals as shown here. You may need three or five petals to make flowers. Carefully cut a petal as there are chances of getting teared at the ends. For the middle part of the flower, I took a curly peel so that it looks more natural.



Keep each of the petal around the curly centerpiece and tie it well. If you are planning to make a wood flower bouquet, it is better to make small flowers with three petals.  You may also use dried nuts or seeds of plants to keep in the center portion of the flower.



Make some flowers with five petals so that you can arrange it as a bunch. Hope these instructions are easy to follow.


Now it is time to arrange these natural flowers. It may look as dry flowers once it is finished. Here I took a bamboo vase to arrange the flowers. To keep the flowers in position, dried wooden twigs can be used.



Now you have made a beautiful wood flower set! Try to make this creative flower and let me know your opinion here. 🙂

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