Amazing Sunset Photography Tips and Examples


Taking impressive sunset photographs requires ideal understanding of weather and sunset patterns. These shots can be captured instinctively without any special planning. Sunset photography ideas would easily come to your mind if you think and visualize a sunset shot. You can take beautiful photographs if you know what you are going to capture.

It is often suggested to list out those places that might be excellent for great sunsets. Do your homework the day before shooting. You may search internet resources to spot out the nearby beaches and suitable places near your area. As these shots are time-dependent, you have to prepare the settings earlier itself so that you won’t miss the chance.

Sunset Photography Tips

If you are blessed with a DLSR camera, you may easily take quality photographs. You need to know some of the basic tips to polish the photographer in you. Focus on the texture, mood and lighting aspects to upgrade your shot to the next professional level.

Photo by Henri Bonell
  • Under-exposure: To get rich and striking color patterns of the setting sun, you may try with exposure settings. This can be achieved with negative compensation of the exposure and spot meter mode. Depending on the other settings and environmental factors, you may set the compensation to 2 stops rather than keeping at 2/3.
  • Be ready to experiment with your shots. Adjust spot meter modes and try from different angles.
Photograph by Farl
  • Choosing a lens with extended focal length would help you to portrait sun as a special subject in the photo.
  • Keep special attention on the weather changes. Different color patterns are produced at different stages of sunset. Some smoky days can result in great shots.

Different shutter speeds give unique results. Keep in mind that there is no specific shutter speed and aperture setting for the sunset photographs. It would be better avoid keeping the camera in the auto white balance mode so that you will be able to capture warm tones and golden strokes of the sunset. To capture the sky just like a painting, go for wide lens so that the sun appears relatively small in the picture.





sunset-imagesPeter Bowers




photoPhilipp Klinger





blue-sunsetThad Roan




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