Black and White Portrait Photography Examples

Portrait photography is something that gained considerable importance in recent years. Black and white photographs are the best way to illustrate the mood of a subject. It is a strong medium that clearly marks the distinction between the colorful world and the emptiness behind it.


A portrait has the exclusive knack to disclose the emotional side of a human being. A victorious representation delves underneath the surface of human character and just tries to reveal the mask. When it comes to female photography, this medium is best to capture some of the exceptional emotions and behavioral patterns. Just check out some of the examples.

Black and White Portrait Photography:


black-and-white-portraitsSukanto Debnathportrait-photography

girl-photographyMarc Apers

black-and-white-photographyThaib Chaidarblack-and-white-photoRobert

old-man-photographyCory Smith



black-and-white-photographyMilan Josipovic


Black and White Portrait Photography Ideas

  • Try to shoot with low ISO

If possible, prefer lowest ISO as it is a major factor that decides the quality of a black and white photograph. Reducing noise is hence an important step.

  • Think about composition

When you just remove the color out of a picture or photo scene, the base components would be left behind. It is those elements that makes up the composition.

  • Focus on the contrast features

If you got a scene characterized with natural contrast elements, it would be the perfect one. Try to find such scenes to shoot and try to enhance these effects.

  • Efficient use of color filters

Use of color filters would help to change the captured tones from your image.

Try to focus on details as well as the texture of your subject to take amazing black and white portrait photographs.




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  1. Considering the composition aspects would help a lot in such photographs. I love to take black and white photos. It is very deep and subjective.Nice post.

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