Impressive Architectural Photography Tips and Examples

Architectural photography tips are quite helpful for beginners in this domain. It is a broad subject which deals with both classical and contemporary architectures. It just includes everything from ultra-modern buildings to huts. Wherever you go, you are most probably in the middle of mixed architectural creations. Hence the popularity and broad aspect of this photography arena is out of question.

It demands lot of practice and a tint of skill to develop the perfect vision for this stream. With practice, you can avoid common mistakes and repetitive patterns.

Old Architecture Photography

If you are focusing on photographing traditional architectures, you can easily spot the background scenes to make it look more natural. The below given photograph is the best example for this category.

Architectural Photography Tips

Nobuyuki Taguchi


The technical details of this photograph would help you to get more idea about the picture.

  • Camera Model -NIKON D2X, f/8
  • 1/80 sec (Exposure time),ISO 100
  • Lens- 17-35mm f/2.8D

Contemporary Architecture Photography

Modern photographs often demand more creativity and experimental mentality. Most of the photographers experiment with different perspectives and angles. Use of abstract techniques helps to achieve unique effects. You might have noticed how staircases influence this particular stream. Professional architects often come up with unique designs and

  • Lighting

The role of lighting is inevitable in both classical and contemporary photography. Most of the amazing photos are captured with side-front lighting methods. The natural light is the best source for lighting and it has to be utilized to the maximum to shoot better photos.  The direction of light is also imperative as it can result in different shadows and contrast features. By setting correct exposure and selecting lens, you can try diverse shots.

Check out some the best examples of architecture photography.





sky-photographNelson Garrido


classical-building-photographDom Dada












All the above photographs are copyright of the respective photographers. This post is intended to offer inspiration to the beginners in this platform. If any one wish to remove their works, please feel to contact me.

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