Stunning Monsoon Photography


Monsoon photography is all about capturing the divine essence of rain. It is directly linked with the creativity of the photographer. The question is ” how creative you are?”.  Monsoon is the ideal time for some great photographic experiments.

Even if it is difficult to shoot in bad weather, monsoon rain offers the unique opportunity to capture some great photographs. But when you go for photography during the rainy season, be sure to protect your camera from rain. You might have noticed the transition of atmosphere before and after the rain. Close observation of nature would be the best method to take some photographs that give the best feel of rain and climate.

Below you can check over 15 great examples of monsoon photography. This post is not supposed to be the ultimate selection of great rain photographs. I am trying to provide you with some ever-lasting inspiration for monsoon photography. There are definitely some wonderful photographs of rain that are not included here, so you please feel free to share information and links to them in comments.

Monsoon Photography


rain dance

rainy season
rainy season in India



rain drops on flower
“Pansy plus rain” photograph by Mary Dineen
Photograph by Jeffrey Bass
Rainy photography by Varenne
Reflections on a rainy night by_Andyserrano
photograph by Victor Eredel
Photograph by Danny Santos
“love after rain”by Jayantara

Feel free to share your monsoon photographs here!!

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