Best Recycled Old Car Tires Ideas


Let today’s creative thought be recycling old car tires to make ottomans, chairs and garden pots. If you are thinking about used car tires recycling, this post may be helpful. Tires and tire tubes can be used surprisingly for decorating interiors and office spaces.Here are some of the best recycle crafts projects that I found online. When you make a chair from waste tires, it is better to add cushions to get a comfy look. You can even make sofas and tables in a creative way! tires can be carved in stylish ways and painted in different colors to decorate parks and public spaces. It can be ideally used to grow plants and make hanging gardens.

Recycled Old Car Tires Ideas

Have you ever thought of reusing an old tire to make an amazing seating? This rope wrapped old tire Ottoman from “Minha Casa” is a great example of recycled craft. The below image shows step by step procedure to make a tire ottoman using ropes.


Invasion Verde

It is a public park in Peru which uses recycled car tires to plant grass and flowers. This is an ideal Eco-friendly project which makes a perfect public space.old-tire-uses

Camilla H. Halvoersen

This tire tube seating idea is a great example of recycle and reuse. Used tired are perfect to craft tables, chairs and ottomans. Used tire tubes can be easily covered with fabric strips. She made this beautiful seating using a 13 inch tire tube. First you need to fill air in the tube chamber with a pump. It is better to used bright colored soft wool to wrap the tube to get a stunning look.


Interested in using old tired in your garden? Here is a cool way to arrange plants beautifully at an affordable rate.







Hope this post inspired to try out new craft projects using recycled old car tires. Feel free to share your creative ideas here! 🙂

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  1. hello i just want you to know that i admired your project and i am so interest in knowing what material you used for the tire planters on a pipe bar and the size of it due to i have so many used tires laying around my home and i want to make like how you do your planters on the pipe bars….thankyou and good projects…

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