Wine Bottle Chandeliers are the perfect DIY wine bottle craft that creates beautiful lights from waste materials. When you think of a recycled craft project, this one is a great choice. Nowadays creative artifacts are quite appreciable in contemporary interior spaces and offices. Wine bottle lights can be easily made from used bottles with less effort. Here I have selected some of the best light fixtures and designs that I found online. Hope this will be a great inspiration for my readers! 🙂

Glow 828 is a wine bottle chandelier  Etsy shop which is focused on making lights from recycled materials. Ali & Cory are the owners of this creative online shop. This couple makes amazing wine bottle lights using bottles collected from local restaurants. They use easily available light kits in the bottles to craft appealing pieces. Wood ceiling mounts are specially handmade to preserve the natural finish of the products.

Visit “Glow 828” here.

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

Ali & Cory (Glow828)Wine-Bottle-crafts






Nyr DagurWine-Bottle-lights


Chad Gordon

The “By Gordon” chandeliers are masterfully handmade from quality bottles with utmost care. You can select wooden frames of different colors and sizes for customization. The recycled bottles are selected with an artistic mind to ensure maximum uniqueness in the product. Wine Bottle Chandelier designs from Gordon are the best choice to decorate your restaurant spaces, interiors and offices.





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