Handmade Paper Flowers By Lia Griffith


Handmade paper flowers bouquets are of great demand these days. Today’s featured artist is Lia Griffith who makes beautiful crepe and tissue paper flowers. Lia is passionate about crafting amazing flowers from paper. She is a master in DIY crafts and a real talent in photography. She offers useful DIY projects and craft tips in her lifestyle blog which she started in 2013. Her works are featured in popular magazines and publications worldwide. She launched Papier Couture before coming up with the craft blog. It was a great project covering 35 dresses.


Lia Griffith also contributes for Martha Stewart and other popular blogs. Apart from blog sessions, she also offers video tutorials in her YouTube channel for beginners in art. She is more inclined towards paper crafts and making paper bouquets. Her specially designed handmade paper wedding cards are quite popular in the marketplace.

Artist Bio

She was born in an artistic family. Her parents were into art and Lia was introduced into the world of sewing and crafts. She studied graphic designing and it marked the beginning of a colorful career. Lia worked with print design, branding and designed several office spaces and restaurants. She lives in Portland with her daughter Emily.

She loves to make crepe paper roses and flowers which can be arranged to make bridal paper bouquets. Lia also makes tissue paper flowers and metallic paper flowers. Here are some of the selected paper flower ideas from her blog.

Visit her blog Lisa Griffith for handmade paper flowers tutorials.

Handmade Paper Flowers


Crepe Paper Flowers


Crepe Paper Rosescrepe-paper-rose

Crepe Paper Hibiscushibiscus-flower-making

DIY Paper Orchiddiy-orchid-flower



Paper Rose Bridal Bouquetpaper-rose-bridal-bouquet

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