Beautiful Paper Quilling Letter Patterns By Sabeena Karnik


Paper quilling letters is one of the best way to use quilling ideas to make beautiful letters and patterns. You can also try paper quilling numbers and words this way.

Sabeena Karnik paper quilling is quite popular in this domain. Paper typography can be best illustrated with her designs. The beautiful letters she made with paper is the perfect example of creativity.

  • Sabeena is a Freelance typographer, illustrator and calligrapher who is specialized in crafting with paper.
  • She is a creative artist who loves to experiment with paper.
  • Sabeena paper typography designs are admired by everyone in the quilling platform.

Here I have selected some of the outstanding designs of this talented artist. Check it out!

Paper Quilling Letter Patterns






8 thoughts on “Beautiful Paper Quilling Letter Patterns By Sabeena Karnik”

  1. Tasneem Dewaswala

    Ma’am, why haven’t u completed all the alphabets in paper quilling and ended upto letter ‘Q’ ????
    Please I request u to upload all the alphabets till ‘Z’

  2. I got your web site from another crafter & she referred you to me as the letters are amazing. Do continue with the remaining letters…after all who wants to only have 3/4 of a set??!! Love your designs. Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    For this typography, is it free flow or do you use a particular font?

    Usually what size paper do you use? As I usually use 1/8 papers.

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