Beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry By Yadhs


Today’s featured artist is Subhashree from “Yadhs” paper quilling jewelry.

Artist Bio:

quilling-artistsShe was born in Tamilnadu, India as the only child to her parents. She studied in Chennai and completed masters degree in Mathematics from IIT,Madras. She got married soon after her studies. Since she could not find a perfect balance between her job and home, she resigned her software job. She had a tough time with pregnancy and one of the twins could not survive. She suffered from post natal depression during that period. She was determined to come out of that situation by herself. It was her husband who supported her with love and care during her tough times. He encouraged her to do something creative. Her parents gave a full spectrum of emotional support.

Keeping her son in mind, she decided not to opt a full time job and thought of studying jewelry making. She was much interested in handmade jewelry and thought to experiment with paper quilling. It gave her the freedom to create designs as she wish. The art of paper quilling excited her to a great extend.

Subhashree created unique paper jewelry and each creation had her own signature. She started her business with the name “Yadhs-Quilling By Subhashree” in Facebook. She love being a quiller and enjoys this craft well! She makes beautiful paper quilled earrings, pendants and chains. Here are some of the selected designs by this great artist.

Paper Quilling Jewelry

yadhs-quilling quilled-earrings subhashree-quilling yadhs-quilling quilled-jhumkas paper-jhumkas subhashree-quilling quilled-necklace quilled-pendants quilled-necklace-design Visit Subhashree’s Facebook page¬†for more designs!

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