Creative Paper Jewelry Designs by Luis Acosta



Paper jewelry artist Luis Acosta is a master in creating beautiful accessories from paper. He was born in Argentina, but he lives in Netherlands. Luis’s works are popular and are displayed in many international museums.

Artist Bio:

  • Completed degree in arts from Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1998.
  • Studied weaving techniques under Irene de Croce and Luis Negrotti.

Website : LuisAcosta

He studied weaving methods and tried to explore different patterns on paper. Gradually Luis started focusing on paper art and in 1996 he made his first paper necklace. You may not be aware of how long it takes to create a beautiful necklace using paper. The necklace shown below took about 60 hours to complete!

The necklace is a combination of red, purple and black color. It is amazing that it is made of multiple layers of paper stitched one after another! Muiti-patterned designs and attractive designs make his creations unique and  special!!





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