Paper Quilling Orchid Flower By Anastasiya Bertova


paper-quilling-artistHere is a step by step paper quilling Orchid flower tutorial by Anastasiya Bertova.  She is a creative quilling artist from Russia. She is known for her amazing paper quilling craft works. Making beautiful flowers from paper demands lot of ideas and patience. Her works are the best example of paper craft.

Paper Quilling Orchid Flower Tutorial

Anastasiya Bertova presents an easy to understand tutorial on making Orchid flower from paper. I am sharing her cool paper quilling tutorial as an inspiration to my lovely readers!

Visit Anastasiya’s Facebook page here.

Here are the materials needed for the project. You need quilling papers, scissors, glue and crape paper.


First step is to make petals for the orchid flower. Carefully glue each paper strip and make petals as shown below. Using a sketch pen, put reddish dots on the petal.


To make the inner petal, we can use a white crape paper and make fold as shown in the image. Now make an outline on the paper strip using sketch pen. You can also put some dots to get the natural look of flower.



Stack together the petals and glue it to form the flower. Now keep the folded crape paper over it  and arrange properly. In the middle, paint with yellow and craft a pistil with paper.







Anastasiya’s quilling Facebook page showcases beautiful works of quilled flowers. She makes beautiful flowers in  great color combinations. You can follow her to get latest tutorials on paper quilling! 🙂

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