Cold Porcelain Wedding Bouquets By Vala


Today’s featured artist is Vala who makes beautiful cold porcelain wedding bouquets and flowers. Her Etsy shop Parsi offers clay flowers that compete with natural flowers by all means. If you are interested to have a bridal bouquet that lasts forever, clay flower bouquets are the best option! Vala loves to make amazing clay bouquets with cold porcelain. 

Vala’s clay works are the perfect example of perfectionism and each one is crafted with utmost care. She has a rich history of over 10 years in making and displaying bouquets for wedding functions. She often takes natural flowers to study details and color tones. Compared to other types of clay, cold porcelain is easy to work with. It also gives more natural finish. She does not use molds, vein makers or cutters  in her works. Thus we can call her works as perfectly handmade clay flowers. Her cold porcelain roses and pansies are stunning. Here are some of the selected works from Parsi.

Cold Porcelain Wedding Bouquets











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