Step By Step Creative Flower Making Tutorial


We all are interested in artistic stuff. Creative flower making ideas are often helpful to think above the fold and create something new from easily available materials. Here is my tutorial on how to make flowers from dry chilli calyx. The idea came all of a sudden when I saw my mom separating calyx from dry chilli. She was going to throw out the calyx after taking the chilli. I simply thought to take those calyxes and experiment it on a thin twig. Here is how I did it. Read on! 🙂

Step By Step Creative Flower Making


These are the separated red chilli calyxes. At the very first look, it appeared like a floral pattern to me. You need a green tape and a thin twig or metal wire to hold the flower. Now take a calyx and attach it to the tip of the twig as shown below. You can use a green tape to do this.



Place each one after the other in a circular manner so that it have a three dimensional look. Hold the calyx and attach each one to the twig with tape as shown here.



Keep each calyx in an order to make it appealing and realistic. Add more number of calyxes until you reach the middle of the twig.



After completing one twig, take the other one and repeat the same procedure. Now you will get a bunch of red chilli flowers on a twig! If you can make more, the arrangement looks much beautiful.


Thus we have made a bunch of flowers from natural materials. If interested, you may paint the calyx and make it look unique. Here I have opted the natural color so that it looks more Eco-friendly. Try out these creative flower making ideas and do let me know your results! 🙂

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