How To Draw Mehndi Designs Step By Step


Are you looking for Mehndi design for hands step by step tutorial? Here is an easy arabic mehndi design with images so that you can easily learn henna designing. All you need is a henna cone and little patience. Here I will show you how to draw mehndi designs in a simple manner. Let us start with a floral design.

Mehndi Designs Step By Step


Start drawing a simple dot with your henna cone. Then you may make any kind of small design around it. It is actually to make the central part of  a flower.


Now you can draw petals around it. You may draw as many petals as you like! Follow the below image so that you will get a clear idea. Just try these simple designs to make beautiful mehndi patterns.


Now we have completed a floral mehndi design. It is often better to broaden the boundaries of petals to look it like an Arabic design. After completing the floral part, we can move onto the next design. Here I have done a simple pattern that looks like a mango design. Inside the mango like pattern, we can draw some small designs and shade the edges. Shading in mehndi design makes the hand look beautiful.



This is a simple mehndi design for wrist. So you can draw some floral designs to make it look appealing.



Draw a mango pattern next to the flower. All you need is to learn to draw simple designs. The rest is quite easy. Just draw these and try to connect all using small designs.



After completing the wrist design, let us move onto palm. You always need to make a connection to palm from the wrist design. This can be done in several ways. Here I just made a curvy line with dots.


Now we can fill the interior part of the line with small flowers. Making thick lines and borders in the design make it beautiful and catchy.



This is a simple mehndi design and anyone can draw mehndi designs with ample patience and time!! Try out easy design and let me know your results through comments. 🙂

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