Paper Quilling Jhumka Designs By Kriti Handmade Jewelry


Today I am featuring my own paper quilling Jhumkas. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kriti Handmade Jewelry is my own brand to showcase my creative world. My entry into jewelry making domain was quite unexpected. I just thought to experiment when my father bought me a set of quilling papers. Soon the spirit dissolved in my blood and mind! My aim was to craft paper jhumkas in diverse designs. I made a Facebook page and named my brand as “Kriti“. I got a great response from my friends and craft lovers.

Artist Bio:

I (Jesna Jamal) am a creative artist from India. I am an engineering graduate who loves to craft beautiful things from paper, clay and other natural materials.

I love to make multicolor Jhumkas and hanging earrings using paper. Here I am showing some of my selected paper quilled Jumkas. Some are custom-made paper earrings for my customers. Enjoy!:)

Paper Quilling Jhumka Designs













I appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions on my works!

Visit my Facebook page Kriti Handmade Jewelry.

44 thoughts on “Paper Quilling Jhumka Designs By Kriti Handmade Jewelry”

  1. I would like to know about buying some Jumka earings and if I can buy from you ? please e mail me the details.

    1. Hi Reka,
      This is actually a tough question…You can market through Facebook or online mediums. You may also try at local stores ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best dear!

  2. hi…your earrings are nice…great handwork…in your first earring picture ,how many strips of olive green,pink,black and purple have you used respectively???how many strips of black is used in between the colors and what is the mm (millimeter) of black used in between the colors???what is the mm(millimeter) of colour strips used???is it 5mm or 3mm
    in your second picture,how many strips of red,black,orange,creame and brown have you used respectively???
    in your seventh picture,what are the colors used and how many strips of colours are used respectively???
    in your ninth picture(last but two)what are the colours used and how many strips of colors are used???
    in your tenth picture(last but one)how many strips of paperhave you used for each color respectively???
    are your works for sale? if so intimate the prices for the first earring and the last but one earring…please clear my above asked doubts through my mail …i love your work…

  3. Hi
    Your jhumkas r very gud. I dnt knw whether you will help me or not still asking that which varnish you use. Coz i used paper shiner .oil paint varnish i dint like now using touchwood varnish but i want it strong and sturdy. Plz hlp

  4. Hi jesna, ur earrings are very nice.By seeing this I also got a idea to do this can you send me the detail about this. I am a beginner can I able to do this.

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful designs…i love it…plz giv me some ideas…hw many stripes to use while making ur 1st design…m just d beginner…

  6. Hey Jesna,
    U r way too talented. Luv your designs. I would luv to buy terracotta as well as quilled jewellery from you in case I get a good deal from u. Kindly inbox me the prices:)

  7. Hi..this was the great work could u plz help me with the steps and I really amazed by ur work I have to do this so plz help me wit the steps mail me

  8. hi dear with what u have done the finishing…i mean for making the dome do we need to put varnish….if so what did u use

    1. Thank you for the offer Seema !! Currently I am busy with some other projects. I will get back to you if I get a break!

  9. Your earrings designs are amazingโ€ฆ I want to buy jhumkas in bulk.. Can u inform the details in mai.
    Thanking you

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