How To Bake Terracotta Clay Jewelry From Home


It is not a tough task to bake terracotta clay jewelry from home. I was very much interested to try out terracotta clay jewelry. But I could not go for any jewelry making classes. I found several ads online like “learn terracotta jewelry making online”, “terracotta classes and workshops” etc. My decision was to try it out myself and experiment with clay. The very first thing I noted was thoseΒ  who knew terracotta clay baking process often kept the method as a secret. When I searched forums and other blogs, I came to know thatΒ  jewelry making experts never bothered to answer any of the doubts regarding baking. I thought to share my experiments with my readers. Hope this one would be helpful! πŸ™‚

Step By Step Terracotta Clay Baking

My Experiments with Terracotta Clay

I bought some terracotta clay from a local store near my home. The making process includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of clay

Preparation of clay is the initial step in making terracotta jewelry. Filtration of clay is often recommended to get pure clay free from dust and other particles. This you can do it by mixing clay with water. Add lot of water and just make a clay solution. The clay particles would settle down at the bottom after some time. Drain out the water from the top. It would help to wash off waste particles from clay. Repeat this few times until you get fine clay. Hope you know what is the ideal stage to make a jewelry. Just allow it to dry until it is flexible to mold.

Next keep the clay on a flat surface and roll it out to remove the air inside. If you have air caught inside clay, there are chances to break the jewelry while baking. I just made few shapes out of clay. This is my first trial with clay. I was little tensed thinking of the outcome. To my surprise, I could make some pendants and Jumkas.



  • Terracotta Clay Jewelry Baking Process

There are several methods to bake terracotta clay. You may give your jewelry to a kiln to fire. When terracotta is fired, it turn red in color. But when you heat it under anaerobic conditions, the jewelry turn black in color. As IΒ  do not have an oven at home, i thought of baking it from home.

It was my grandmother who told I can bake clay using saw dust. This was actually a thrilling experiment and I was eagerly waiting to see the outcome. I just took an iron pan and kept it on fire. In order to bake the clay, you need to buy some saw dust (wood dust). This you will get easily from any saw mill and is very cheap. When the pan is hot, just put some saw dust and keep the jewelry items above it. Then put some more saw dust over it.

How To Bake Terracotta Clay Jewelry



The saw dust will start to burn at one point. Soon it will spread in the pan.



This is how the fire spreads inside the pan. Now you may put some more saw dust over the burning saw dust. The jewelry will burn inside the dust. After some time, put some more saw dust. You may be thinking this as a time consuming process compared to electric heater and oven methods. But I assure you this is quite easy If you are passionate about crafting clay jewelry.


Wait sometime so that the jewelry pieces gets cool enough to touch. This is what I got after baking the clay pieces. πŸ™‚Β  I do not know why I was much happy at that moment. I was just feeling like a scientist whose experiment became success.


Now my beloved terracotta jumkas are ready to paint!!!! Wow! I am gonna paint my first set of terracotta clay jumkas!! Here is the end result of my thrilling experience. I just painted jumkas with pearl blue and emerald green color.



Here is my first terracotta set. I was really happy with the outcome.


Note: There may be many easy methods to bake terracotta clay jewelry from home. This one is just my own experiment (but I was successful!). If you are a beginner and confused about baking, feel free to try this method. You need not keep the pan on fire all the time. You may off the stove when the saw dust catches fire. Then add more saw dust and can again keep it on fire. Thus you can save gas if you give fire only at particular intervals.

1. How long you should bake the clay?

I think you need to bake the clay at least 5 hours. You can take it out after it cools down. I also recommend using charcoal to burn. You can put up charcoal pieces over saw dust and burn it. It would burn for lot of time and you can save gas. I heard potters bake for about 7-8 hrs and then only clay gets properly baked. If you have access to a kiln, I would suggest to bake it in a kiln. In my saw dust method, you may turn off the gas when the saw dust catches fire. Then you can add more saw dust to it and repeat the process.

If you are doubtful about this method, you may bake the items again. πŸ™‚ Even if the jewelry pieces turn black soon after the process do not think that it is baked fully. As terracotta demands higher temperature, just be patient enough and leave the saw dust to burn well! I have heart about sand baking and using coil heater for terracotta baking. But I do not know much about it.

>>>It is important that the clay pieces should be completely dried before you take it for baking. You can keep it for 3 days & bake after. You can bake in low or high flame (only thing is saw dust should catch fire).

Check out my handmade jewelry page on Facebook (Kriti handmade jewelry).

Feel free to share your experiments with terracotta clay jewelry! πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi,

    This is really interesting, even I am much interested in doing terracotta jewelry. But I couldn’t attend any classes and I had the same doubt of baking process. Hope I got an answer. I will try this.

      1. This means you are not baking for enough time. Also, i suggest air drying your art work for at least 12 hours before you bake it. Also, if the clay has too much moisture in it, it will be soft and break.

        Please check our new venture into terracotta jewellery in the below link.

        My Wife’s new venture!
        Home made terracotta jewellery for sale at a reasonable cost.ο»Ώ

  2. I am interested this terracotta jewelley making. I tried this jewels. But I am not baking process. Thankyou for helping easy baking technique

  3. Thanks for the method. I tried it today though it was easy
    i could see some pieces break at the back. Why is it
    happening? Pl guide.

    1. Hi Sundar,
      The pieces need to be completely air dry before baking it. If there are air bubbles caught inside the clay, there are chances of breaking
      the piece. .

  4. Your jewellery does not look like it is a first attempt..very nice!
    I have a doubt in baking…how long did u have to keep it in stove to get the result?
    Also would like to know if the baked products were tough enough that they wont break or dissolve in water?

    1. Thank you Bhavani πŸ™‚ I think it is better to keep it on stove till the saw dust inside the pan starts to burn. It will take only few minutes.Then you can turn off the stove and keep the pan aside till all the saw dust burns up. You can again put some saw dust and keep pan on fire and repeat. Adding more saw dust ensures the jewelry to be baked well. Yes, the baked items were tough and will not dissolve in water. About the breaking part, I could not test it πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Jesna,
        Thankyou for teaching the easy bake method. I live in USA and found tough baking the terracotta pieces. I have a doubt how long will it take to bake the pieces? how long we should wait to complete the process of baking?

        1. Thank you Thanvi ! πŸ™‚ Usually you need to bake minimum 2 hours. After it cools down, you can take out the jewelry pieces.

  5. How could u make uniform beads
    Is there any special methods for making beads??
    Which colour do you use for gold ??and to get antique gold
    Thanx in advance
    Waiting for your reply

    1. Hi Gayathri,
      Thank you for visiting my blog! I make beads with hands only..I do not have any bead making method… Once you make, you can easily do it. I use gold powder and mix it with varnish to get gold color..You can also get yellow gold fabric paint for it. Mix gold color and a little black paint to get antique gold color!. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi mam.. Thanks for sharing t baking technique… as u said many Ppl not ready to share t secret… Ur method is really very easy… I have a doubt… have u used our regular lpg stove in kitchen for it??? And shall we take t pieces out once it becomes black hw u finalise baking is enuf?? Pls guide me.. and mam Ur creations r superb it doesn’t look like u r making it first time…

  7. thanks a lot for sharing this easy baking also new terracotta jewellery making.just made my first set today…after that i saw your method…i baked it using pressure cooker..just like we bake cake in preesure cooker…

  8. hi..ur wrk is superb n appears as if a perfectionist :)..even i too would like to know abt oven baking method…pls guide abt both the types of oven..electric as well as microwave..n ya thanks a ton for breaking the secret of baking.. πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks a lot for revelling the easiest way of baking method. I have one doubt. How wil we ensure that the jewellery is completely baked?

  10. Thanks a lot for reveling the easiest way of baking process. I have a doubt. How wil we ensure that the baking is completly done? Waiting for ur reply.

  11. Sree Lata Shankar

    Hi, please tell me where I can buy sawdust in Hyderabad. And how long(duration) am I supposed to bake.

    1. Hi Sreelata, I do not know about Hyderabad places. But I think you can buy saw dust from wood mills. You need to bake at least 4-5 hours.All the best πŸ™‚

    2. Sree Lata Shankar

      Thanks Jesna for your reply. Could you please help me with a dancing peacock design please.

      Sree Lata Shankar

  12. Awsummm mam !!!! U R REALLY GREAT HEARTED 2 REVEAL THE SECRET…past so many months i was searching in net 4 the process…but today i felt very happy..i’ll try this…can u help me out 4 varnishing terracotta…whether before painting i hve 2 varnish or after metallic painting i hve 2 varnish? i use acrylic painting ..after painting whether varnish s must? i’m trying quilling also mam..same varnishing doubt in this too….after paint or before paint 2 varnish? i varnished once ushing shiner..but it leaves black mark after drying much i wasted lyk tat..wat mistake i’m doing pls advice me about the varnishing nt know whom 2 ask…whether gum leaked on top so black mark came or due to using shiner it came or once only i applied shiner so whether due 2 tat as in some sites they told to varnish twice or thrice?but once varnished only left black gummy type mark n dull finishing..hw long it has 2 dry after varnishing?and whether nail polish can also be used for varnishing if so pls suggest indian company nail polish so tat i can search here….if using nail polish as varnish hw many tyms i hve 2 varnish mam?plzzzz need ur tymly help…
    once found ur baking method got much relived 4 baking method….and while baking how many jhumkas at a tym i can put inside saw dust at a tym..and same saw dust whether i can repeat 4 next further following baking processes also…..sorryyy 4 long questions…

  13. Hi jesna,
    Thanks a lot for explaining this easy method. But I have a doubt. When I asked potters about baking they told me that for complete curing and getting hardness they keep the clay inside the kiln up to 5 to 8 hours. And when I tried once at home I felt that these home baked clay is not as strong as those we get from potters. Is there any special techniques that these potters follow?

  14. Anagha Pradhan

    Hi Jesna
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I would like to know, what stove did you use and is it a very smokey process?

    1. Hi Gowri, I really do not know about it. I use a stopper like thing to attach thread and make it tight using player. With the help of rings, it can be tied to a back chord.

  15. hai mam i am very much interested in doing craft items. i am really very very happy that i get answer for my doubt from u. Thank you so so so…… much. please share ur experians like this

    1. Thank you so much Shakthi πŸ™‚ This response is really inspiring me !! I would definitely share my knowledge here.

  16. Shruti Shivaram

    Hi… Ur work is awesome. Can u please tell me which paint u using…. how did you get glossy shine on the finished piece… can u please list the brand and type of paint u suing…

    1. Thank you Shruti πŸ™‚ I use acrylic paints and fevicryl hobby ideas pearl colors.Usually pearl colors give a shiny look. Sometimes I apply varnish on the finished pieces to get more gloss effect.

  17. Anagha Pradhan

    Hi all, I would like to share that I tried this method, it works just as explained by Jesna. But I would like to add few more suggestions, my jewelry pieces turned black within 2hrs.and I stopped the process. However I feel it’s needs to be carried out for few more hours to get the mechanical strength similar to that done by a potter. I know we can not burn our gas for such long time, so I suggest we can use a charcoal stove to carry out this process. It’s cheap and we can carry on for longer period. I guess it will work fine.

    1. Thank you so much Anagha! πŸ™‚ Your suggestion is really helpful. I have also felt the same way and potters bake 7-8 hrs to get desired strength. Use of charcoal is often the best way to bake for longer hours. I am really happy that you tried this method and found it useful πŸ™‚

  18. Hi folks,

    That was a good try and an impressive one,
    Here i can see lot more people is asking about how to check whether the clay is properly baked or not, before going to answer the question let me explain what happens when u fire a clay body , i don mind whether its Terracotta or Stoneware or any kind of ceramics,.

    These are the things happens when we fire terracotta or any other clay body,

    1. Atmospheric dring – The wet clay becomes leather hard stage where u can do some applications and minor edits in this stage and its become bone dry, but still there is some water which is trapped inside the clay body,

    2. @ 100 D – 200 D The trapped water molecules starts evaporating and result in clay shrinkage and weight loss when it is slowly heated,if the clay is heated too quickly, the water will turn to steam right inside the clay body, expanding with explosive effect of ur piece.,

    3. @ 300 – 500 D The organic matters like dust, impurities, carbon, sulfur present in the clay body will burn off

    4. @500 – 700 D The chemically combined water driven off from ur article and the QUARTZ Inversion occours means some chemicals in the clay body is changing into crystalling (Glass) structure.

    5. @700 – 900 D Sintering – Ur Clay molecules starts fusing with each other which results in the strength of the article.,

    So these are the firing structure suppose to be happen when u fire ur article in any mean, and usually it takes 10 – 12 hours to reach the temperature and for colling cycle but as for jewelry it may no need that much of time but still it has to be atleast 4 – 5 hours depends on the temp wat is present in the stove or may be in the vessel where u kept on the stove.,
    So the firing is done how to check whether its completely baked or not,
    1. put some water or put ur piece in water and rub it , if it leaves a soil or dust particle or it might get peel or anything ur piece is not properly baked.
    2. just touch or bang two pieces and hear the sound of it , if its makes a sound of glass or ceramic (Peengan) then its properly baked or fired…

    Hope i clear ur doubts a bit , still the firing and ceramics are like a ocean
    i can tell u loads of loads of informations but its not a good time to share all
    these things already its 12.48 ,.

    Just feel free to ask if u need any other infos
    mail me at


    1. very informative reply sir…sound test is the best way to check if the clay item is properly fired or not….if we use the clay jewellery carefully without putting in water or any othr liquids then we can use it for a long time…..watever the item is whether its pottery or jewellery one should handle it carefully….thank u for the information u have provided…

  19. Hi Jesna,
    Thanks for the detailed description.
    Can the saw dust in the pan be directly set on fire instead of using a stove to heat externally.
    What type of results does that provide?

  20. hi jesna am realy hapy for ur method,but Γ­ want to kno if ths method is imposible then how to use electrΓ­c kiln where will i get,and it iΕ™s cost as i stay in flat pollution is not allowed

  21. Rythima Sharma

    thanxx for xpln the bake method …. but i wanna to know which shiner i can use…. nd how much cd … please rply me as soon as posible

    1. Hi, Thank you ! I use to apply a thin layer of varnish after painting.Varnish can give glossy as well as matte finish depending upon the varnish you use.You can use camel picture varnish, camel spray varnish, Acrylic paint varnish or Acrylic lacquer.

  22. Revathi Kaniyamudu

    Hi madam,
    I tried the steps you have discussed.. My baking really came out so well… Thank you so much for saying the baking process

  23. Hi, I am a Tamil fm Sri Lanka. I read your method of baking terracotta with saw
    dust and it seems to be a good method. I was searching for an easy method. I would like to try this. I should keep on putting saw dust and burn the
    clay continuously for about 4 hrs – is that enough? Does the saw dust burn continuously for 4 hrs? I would much appreciate if you reply me through my email, as I might forget this blog, pls.



  24. Hello,

    Loved the way you have explained… I would like to try and make something.
    could you guide me with the process of baking it in Oven… I have an OTG…
    The time taken and in wat temperature should I be keeping the clay for it to be perfectly baked.

  25. Hi.. baking process seems to be very easy… can you tlel me how to bake with the convection over,… I have a wall oven at home.. can u share the procedure on wall will be awesome if you can help me on that,..

  26. can u let me know where do we get clay and items required for it, and how to bake using it pressure cooker ..please guide me..

  27. I would like to know how to stick stud base behind jhumka…also to protect from rain do v need any top coat…if so what’s that

    1. Hi Lal, I use to insert the stud base into the earring base while making itself. Then I bake the jewelry so that the stud holds tightly to the earrings. After painting the earrings, you can apply a coat of varnish. But some people attach the base after baking the jewelry. In that case, you can use arldite glue to stick the base.

  28. thank u ma’ very interested in craftworks.past 1month 1ly i tried to make jewels in beads and as well as quilling my vision is moving to make terracotta a very begginer for this.i read ur methods.nw i got few ideas about this.i want to know how to attach the small strings in pendant?then 1ly we can attach the pendant to the beads.thats why i ask. plz tell waiting for ur reply

  29. Madam,
    Would u plz tell me how to prepare terracotta jewellary and I couldn’t attend any classes for that .ANd I am intrested to take it as my progression or business.plz guide me .I do prepare ganeshas idols from my hand .v stay at Uganda where their is plenty of clay.plz guide me.waiting for u’r lovely repl y and guidelines.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Praveena, I do not know much about oven baking. But I heard from reliable sources that we can bake in coil type heater.

  30. Hi Ma’am! I live in USA. I want to try the home baking method? Can you tell me whether this method causes lot of smoke because we have fire alarms here. I am not able to find potters who fire terracotta clay. Hence I want to try the saw dust method

    1. Hi Meenu πŸ™‚ this method causes some smoke. If you can try this outside your home, it will be good or else just close the pan with a lid during the process.

    2. Mangala sunder

      Hi Meenu I am Mangala and I live in USA.To bake your terracota jwellery you first preheat your oven in 250degrees and then keep your finishes jwellery in a tray which is oven safe ,which we use for cooky making.bake it for about 25 mins and then remove it from the oven and let it cool down .after it is completely cooled , the jwellery is ready to paint. you can try this method ,I have tried and it has been very successful.

  31. Hi, I want to make jewelry and some showpieces at home, could you please suggest, if you used just water with the basic clay or something else?

  32. Hello Sneha, first of all thanks for sharing information which most of them hesitate to share. I really appreciate the gesture.
    When I started experimenting aterracotta jhumkas I faced a different issue. After air drying the jhumkas the clay started shrinking and the beads attached started falling off. By any chance can you help me with what should I do so the beads don’t fall off.
    Thanks again

  33. Hi mam ur wrks are hve got the best result in first attempt itself.tats vry lucky.and thanks fr sharing the secret of baking.but mam i hve doubt in drying the many days u wil keep fr drying.and should v keep under sunlight .and my teracotta pieces breaj many times.wat would b the reason fr it .if u knw tel me mam.thank u.

    1. Thank you so much Priya ! It is ideal to keep the jewelry for few days to dry completely. You should not keep it under sun. It may break. If it is rainy season, it may take several days to dry the clay pieces. Also, if there is air bubbles caught in the pieces, it may break during baking. So make sure that you roll out and mix the clay well before you make jewelry items. Let me know the results πŸ™‚

  34. Hi mam,
    Can you tell me how to paint. When I try to paint I see brush marks. Also I applied varnish with a paint brush and the paint started going off. After painting how much time I need to leave to apply varnish.

  35. Hi.. Urs doesn’t look like first attempt… Very nice finishing.. I’m in London.. I can’t bake here… Pls suggest me how to bake using microwave oven.. Right now I’m using air drying clay.. But I want to go for normal clay with firing process… Cud u pls suggest something.. Thank u πŸ™‚

  36. Awesome making!!!!! Superb……….

    I would like to know how to attach stud base to terracota pieces. I tried only the hook earrings and which glue to use.

  37. Priyadarshiniabirami

    MAM I have tried terracotta jewels in my home and I am not satisfied about it paintings. Can you please share about the details of step by step process of painting because I am so confused about this, especially painting process involves in after baking of terracotta pendants and beads. I really want to say lot of thanks for your already postings terracotta matters which is really worked out well in myself. I really waiting for your reply soon.

  38. hi, went through your baking of terracota and also your website on facebook, i am interested in buying some of those, where do you live ? i live in Mumbai, if I am buying some sets how will you have sent them to me and how long will it take, can i see some more of your set collection, i loved what i saw. my mobile no is 9773055866, if you could just msg me the reply will also do. Waiting in anticipation for your reply.


  39. Hi folks,

    Hope u r doing great,
    I just bought a new kiln from Bangalore for jewelry baking,
    i found it was just an awesome one , that u can fire ur jewelry
    in just 1.5 hours and it reaches around 800 degrees in just 1.5 hours,
    its just a stove top kiln which u can keep the kiln in the gas stove for
    1.5 hours and the breakup shold be 0.5hrs in low flame, 0.5 hrs in a medium
    flame and 0.5 hrs in a high flame, u r done….
    U also have the option of reduction firing (Black firing) as well as a
    oxidation firing (Red firing)…
    Its quite affordable with one year replaceable warranty…
    Its really perfect for the Terracotta jewelry makers….
    Thanks and Regards,

  40. Very interesting! Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing this! I live in the US. I will have to try this when I get a chance. Unable to use an electric kiln here in my home due to possible fire hazards. I imagine that using an outdoor charcoal barbeque with lid would work really well! If I ever get a chance to do this, I will post some pics on your facebook page.

  41. Hi Jesna,
    Thanks a ton for your blog…. We have traditional method of heating water at home.its a huge copper pot and a fire section below where we heat water for bathing. Can I place the designs to bake in that fire? Plz suggest.

  42. can u plzzzzzzz tell me k kya ham ise ges pe bake kare to konasa bartan lena chahiye or dast me mitti dal skate he kya??….. how much time??…….or koi bhi clay chalta he kya ya phir koi special shilpar clay , polymer clay hi chahiye iske liye????………….i request u plzz rply i m waiting

  43. Iam so confused about type of clay…pls anyone guide me ..whether pottery clay or airdry clay or modelling…just planning to buy from an eBay..TIA

    1. You can find natural clay with US in Three different colour ie. Terracott, Grey,& White

  44. Is it necessity to bake the clay or once dried we can directly paint it . I am begineer initially I tried making fish and after it dried completely I pour the slat powder in a pan and started heating but It broked out. need your help in this regards

  45. Hi mam.. I jus tried making jewels .. Its nice.. I think so:-) I used fevicryl gold dust mixed with medium nd used it.. Bt after some days the golden color turned into very dull.. Plz give suggestion fr making gold color mam.. Can’t use gold yellow paint fr all items.. Wt is d procedure to mix gold powder mam? Thank u.

  46. You can find natural clay with US in Three different colour ie. Terracott, Grey,& White

  47. sandhya 'sugamya'

    I m pleased to watch an art that is new for me.I will suggest my sister to watch it bcz she has a great artistic taste.

  48. It is very useful for me. i am not know how to bake clay. I saw this page , I know how to baked clay. thank u so much

  49. I dried the jewels over night before I baked them. But they keep on breaking for me. Should I try giving less heat ?

  50. Hi,
    I have a doubt in this baking process. I baked (as u mentioned) clay moulds using saw dust once the clay have dried for more than a week. while baking, the saw dust started to burn and slowly spreaded out… But after few minutes, the clay starts to break off into two… I dont know why this happens… I baked four moulds and two baked well and rest broke off.. Could you please explain me why does this happens.. Im really worried about this… Thanks

  51. I am interested in teracotta jewellery making so give some idea and clear my doubts Wherever buy the things for teracotta jewellery making? And things list pls

  52. Hi jesna, i hav a doubt .. when i coloured my teracotta(dry clay) jewellery the paints are peeling(acrylic colour not metalic colours). can u help me to solve the same. thank u

  53. Hi
    I had made a chain, everything came fine. But after i slide the beads to the rope, the balls are sticking to each other. What can i do to rectify it?

    Thanks in advance

  54. My mom’s house has a traditional oven and they use it regularly. When I go there, I just wait for the cooking to be over and then I put my terracotta pieces into the still hot embers. Just take it out the next morning. That’s it ?. Difficult in high rise apartment with saw dust, so much smoke and dust.

  55. hi mam,i dont about clays and i used clay directly from earth and i filtered it should i bake it are not???waitng for your reply mam
    thanks in advance

  56. You are star Jesna!! When no revaled the secret you invested your time in sharing your knowledge!! Not everyone would do this!! Keep up the good work!!

  57. Hi jesna ,
    I m from USA,wat type of clay is better to use to make jewelry ?
    Wat is d process to bake using oven,and wat temperature and how much time ?

    1. Hi Sravani,
      Terracotta clay is much preferred…When you bake it in ideal conditions, its color changes (Red or black) according to baking method…It requires high temperature baking to be perfect.

  58. HI
    I baked my terracotta jewelry with salt what I saw in a video.Here I have small doubt.once our baking process completed those baked items r dissolves in water or not?

  59. Hi, this is Balu from Andhra Pradesh India. I need some information for my friend. She was very much interested in making of these clay items. So if you people help me by giving useful information then it will be a great help for my friend. This is my mail id and here my Ph no 9705393999. Just give me any mail id or mobile no so that I can get information. Thanq soomuch

    1. Hi Madhushree, Terracotta clay is now easily available from craft shops. You will get quality 1 Kg packs from there. If you do not find such a shop nearby, you may check online. Some online shops also provide the same.

  60. Hi.. even m thinking to try my hands on terracotta jewellery. .. i would like to ask you..should we put the jhumkas directly for baking.. or should we keep them to dry naturally and then bake them

  61. It is best to air dry for 2-3 hours before you bake them. This will help any left over water inside to clay to evaporate. Also, most air bubbles in the jewel will get dissolved in 2-3 hours thus avoiding breakage.

    Hope this helps.

    Please visit my website @ You can see some simple designs of terracotta jewellery in the shop section. Please do share the link with your friends if anyone is interested in buying terracotta jewellery.


  62. Hi ..thanks fr que s hw long days clay shld b dried befre baking and it has to be on stove for 5 long hrs or shld bake for few mins and leave fr 5 hrs..pls reply

  63. Hi mam
    I saw your jewellery baking process it was very good, my doubt is how to bake air dry modelling clay?
    It is the same process or different methods please suggest

  64. Hai,
    Can we use air-dry clay for making jewellery.What os the difference between air dry clay and oven bake clay.pls lrave me a reply

  65. Hi
    I bought a terracotta clay from india. didn’t use it for months. Now it’s so dry . don’t know to use. I heard from people , we have to soak it in the water. But don’t know the proper procedure. Since i bought only one packet of clay , i don’t want to take risk. plz help me

  66. Hi Jesna,
    You have described the baking process very well, thanks a lot. How do you make the beeds of same size? How do you attach small beeds to jhumkas? Don’t they come out while baking ?

  67. AWESOME !!!MAM.Really impressed in the way you explained it.Before reading this I have no idea about baking clay.Thanks a lot.

  68. Hi krithi it’s so nice of u ? u have told a very nice process and cleared my doubts … Ur article was really helpful to me

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