Creative Paper Jewelry Designs By Mariolina


Today’s featured artist Mariolina is known for creative paper jewelry designs and ideas. Her crepe paper necklaces and earrings are amazingly beautiful. This artist tries to find the perfect balance between nature and creativity! Let us hear about crepe paper jewelry from the artist itself!

My name is Mariolina and “quasi caramelle” is a project I started in 2010. All quasi caramelle’s pieces are each original in their own way, designed to be special for every different woman. The motto of the project is actually: “Let your uniqueness be inspired”.

Colors, textures and shapes grow out of a simple and intuitive creative process during which I let myself be naturally guided by my hands and feelings towards the final form. Inspiration comes from beauty, wherever it can be found and experienced. It may be the gorgeousness of nature, the glamour of a city, the grace of simplicity. Each single detail is enough to evoke the main idea which will then be developed until the final form.

Paper (crepe and tissue paper, cardboard, newspaper cuts…) is generally chosen as main raw material because it is extremely versatile and can be reprocessed and reused. Also, paper seems to be extremely fragile, but it actually hides a great strength and flexibility, two qualities that make it ever-challenging.

Combining paper, natural fibers, post-industrial waste and other Eco-friendly materials together, I am constantly looking for a balance between Eco-consciousness and style.

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