Crochet Barefoot Sandals Designs By Barmine


crochet-artistToday’s featured artist is Olga Barmine who crafts beach wedding crochet barefoot sandals, amazing foot jewelry and beaded barefoot sandals. She runs a successful Etsy store named “Barmine” to showcase and sell a wide range of handmade products. She use high quality materials to make beautiful items. She is very much flexible about colors, size and details of whatever she make.

Most of her crochet sandal designs are unique and filled with creativity. These sandals can be worn with shoes or simply barefoot. Unique sandals are perfect for beach weddings. It is made from 100% cotton yarn and is hence Eco-friendly. It is also a great ideas as a gift for bridesmaid. These barefoot sandals can be hand washed and dried easily.

Crochet sandals are often preferred for beach wedding themes. It often carries a special fashion statement. Floral crochet patterns in dynamic colors paves way for beautiful barefoot sandals. The crochet patterns are simple and creative. Her starfish designs and multicolored patterns takes your breath away! You can order custom-made sandals through her Etsy store.

Visit her Etsy store here.

Crochet Barefoot Sandals









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