Paper Quilling Cards By Creative Artists


Paper quilling cards are the perfect gift for valentine’s day, birthday and other occasions.. You may choose these creative quilling cards to express your love. Here I have selected some of the best cards made by famous artists.

Paper Quilling Cards for Valentine’s Day

Elina is a wonderful artist from Finland. Her Etsy shop ElinaQuills showcases amazing handmade paper cards. She is a 25 year old artist who accidentally entered into the world of quilling. She came to know about quilling from a craft magazine. She was quite thrilled to experiment with paper since she got her first quilling kit. Here are some of the best cards from her Etsy shop.




Creative Paper Quilling Cards By Quilling Wonderland

Today’s featured artist is Iza from Ireland. She makes an array of quilled cards for diverse occasions. Her Etsy shop “Quilling Wonderland” sells variety of quilled cards. Iza makes personalized cards according to orders. Here are some of her designs.

quilling cards love


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