DIY Paper Butterfly Wall Decor Ideas


Butterflies are a sign of love and dreams. Have you ever thought of making paper butterfly wall decor for your home?  Empty walls often call for some decorative experiments. Butterfly wall decor is a creative diy project for any craft lover. With paper, you can easily think of a cheap artistic creation.

What about having a beautiful paper butterfly?  A colorful butterfly evokes a sense of energy and liveliness. Just imagine having a swarm of colorful butterflies in your living room. How beautiful and vibrant it will be?

We usually call a group of butterflies as “Kaleidoscope”. When kept as a group on the wall, the overall interior effect is often doubled. It helps to bring a positive energy in the room. You can easily make paper butterflies in different shapes and colors.

Today we will go through some of the selected paper butterflies by prominent artists in this field.

DIY Paper Butterfly Wall Decor

Jacqueline Jean

She is a famous paper artist and the brain behind “Hip and Clavicle”. It is a pure expression of her interest in nature. She was inspired by the beauty of nature. She find immense pleasure in discovering novel ideas and materials to experiment with. She is also a photographer when not busy with artistic creations.

Jacqueline’s Etsy store “Hip and Clavicle” is a great success as a paper art store. She is specialized in crafting paper decors that can be readily attached to the wall. Her paper butterflies come in different patterns and types. It is made from quality paper and each item is carefully handmade. The butterflies can be fixed to the wall easily as it have a wall-safe glue. It is a great decorative art for interiors including kid room.





Kelli Hwall-decoration-paper


R.J (LoveCreator)

Her creations are characterized with heart shaped patterns. “LoveCreator” is the name of her Etsy store where she sell handcrafted paper butterfly hearts. Like many of us, she was also forced to take an academic career. But she was more inclined towards doing something creative. With her husband’s support she again stepped into the world of art.




She is a gifted artist from Southern California. Her paper butterfly decor patterns are absolutely lovely. She employs a careful dying method to make double colored and shaded butterflies.



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