Easy French Knot Embroidery Tutorial and Designs For Beginners


French knot embroidery is amazingly beautiful and quite easy to do. This stitch can be used creatively to make beautiful designs. It is often used as a filling stitch to cover small patterns and spaces. It can give a woolly look, if it is closely stitched. The stitch creates a three dimensional effect on the fabric. It is also suitable to design on pillow cloths.

Step By Step French Knot Embroidery Tutorial

This french knot embroidery tutorial is specially crafted to help beginners in this art. Let us look at a step by step procedure to do this wonderful stitch.

1.First take needle at the desired position. Bring it up.

2.Now hold the thread end and wrap it around the needle twice.

3.Pull the thread so that the wrapped thread form a dot pattern. Take the needle again through the tied dot and bring it down.


Now you get a nice french knot on the fabric. If you change the wrap number, you get bigger sized knots. Let us experiment with different number of thread strands. With one single strand of thread, you get a small knot. If you have enough patience, you can make creative french knot patterns on the fabric.french-knot-steps

French knot embroidery designs

I have selected some beautiful stitch patterns for your inspiration. It is often a great idea to combine contrast color threads to make a pattern. You can easily design three dimensional knot patterns on bags, bed sheets, fabric and pillows.


French knot dandelions are really amazing. It is a great embroidery stitch that recreates a real looking dandelion on the fabric. While doing this stitch, always remember to use contrast colored threads on the fabric. Here is a white dandelion stitch on a black velvet. The color contrast adds to the beauty of the work. The basic idea is to start with thick knots in the middle and disperse it to the ends. Adding a stem with line stitch will make it natural.dandelion-embroidery


Are you creative? Then french knot embroidery is the right stitch for you! It makes it possible to experiment different patterns on the fabric. It is a simple do it yourself project to turn out old fabric to new looking pillow covers. Try it out! 🙂

Check out this video tutorial on How to make a french knot!


When combined with other simple stitches, knots make a perfect design. It can be blended with lines and cross patterns. Do not forget to share your results and ideas with me! Happy knotting time !!

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