DIY Step By Step Mussel Shell Earrings


Mussel shell earrings make a vibrant fashion statement. Recently I thought of buying a set of peacock shade earrings. But one day we bought green mussels for lunch. My mom was about to through away the mussel shells. I just took that whole cover of waste shells and thought I would use it for something. The very first idea that stroked the mind was “mussel shell earrings”. But I had no idea about the method. I just started a creative experiment!

Step By Step Mussel Shell Earrings

Materials Required:

  • Green mussel shells. Cut the shell apart and clean it well so that the fishy smell goes away.
  • Acrylic or pearl fabric paints
  • Brush
  • Jewelry pliers and a needle.


Check out all the shells and select perfectly shaped and sized ones. Thoroughly wash it to remove dirt and smell. Using a needle, slowly make a hole at the top of the shell. It is to keep the earring hooks in position.

Now you can start painting. I prefer pearl paint as it has a shiny appearance. You can choose fabric pearl paints. For the peacock pattern, you need brown, blue, green and yellow pearl color.




First, let us start with a bright blue color at the base. Now paint with green color adding a touch of yellow shade. Draw peacock feather patterns and paint it. The inner most color would be dark blue. Using light blue and brown shade, you can enhance the effect.


Paint the background with matching colors to get a natural look. Once the paint is dry, attach the earring hooks in the holes.



Wow!!! handmade mussel shell earrings are ready to wear!! Hope my shell earring tutorial was helpful. 🙂 Just try out this if you are getting some shells.

This is another pair of shell earrings I tried out after this one. Even though started as an experiment, both earrings sold out quickly in my store. 🙂shell-earrings

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