DIY Recycled Magazine Basket Ideas

Recycled magazine baskets are a great way to reuse old magazines and papers. You can make beautiful paper baskets using magazines. These days it is easy to find old magazine basket tutorials and step by step instruction videos online. Anyone interested in this craft can make vases and baskets out of these easily available materials. It is an awesome way to promote the idea of “recycle and reuse“. Today I am featuring two paper craft artists Mary Jean and

DIY Recycled Magazine Basket Ideas

Mary Jean is a creative paper artist from Florida. She loves to craft amazing newspaper baskets and flowers. Magazine paper strips can be rolled and arranged well to make appealing vases. It can also be painted to get an extra touch of beauty. Mary sets a perfect example of how recycled paper can be used effectively to make useful items. You can visit her Etsy shop here and have a look at her paper crafts.



Alicja (BluReco)

Alicja is the creative hand behind the paper craft domain “BluReco”. It is really amazing that recycled magazine papers can be effectively turned into useful baskets and vases. She uses traditional paper weaving techniques to craft paper baskets. Her hand woven baskets are perfect for modern interiors and spaces.


Her products are dedicated to those people who love using recycled materials. She started paper crafts four years ago. Apart from baskets, she loves to make paper jewelry, lampshades, clocks and home decor items. Visit her blog “BluReco” for recycled magazine basket tutorials and ideas.

You can find a variety of paper products in her Etsy store. Paper baskets can be effectively used as fruit baskets as well as laundry baskets. Her weaving technique is perfect with the right selection of patterns and colors. You will definitely fall in love with her basket lids! It is, of course, a masterpiece. 🙂 Here are some of the best paper basket designs I found from her blog.











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