Handmade Basket Patterns and Ideas by Nancy Moore Bess

Nancy Moore artist

Nancy Moore Bess is a talented handmade basketry artist who is known for her Japanese inspired baskets. Her works are inspired by the Japanese basketry techniques. She attended her first class on basketry in 1972 at the Crafts Student’s League. After reading the book ” How to wrap five eggs”, she came to know in detail about the art of Japanese packaging.

Nancy’s life was completely changed after visiting Japan in 1986. It was from there she reached the world of basketry and Japanese bamboo craft. She published a book titled “Bamboo in Japan”. She works from her studio in Amherst, MA.

Her works are best regarded as the examples of contemporary handmade basketry. She uses natural materials like waxed cotton, linen etc.


  • National Craft Gallery, Ireland, 2007
  • National Crafts Council of Ireland,  “Fiber: A New World View,” 2006
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  • Barbican Centre, London, “Threads: Contemporary American Basketry”, 1998

Contemporary Handmade Basket Patterns

Here is the Sabi Tea Jar made by Nancy. It is crafted with waxed cotton and linen. She have used an old Japanese iron lid for the basket. Size is 6″ x 6″.

handmade basketry

Jakago/Snake Basket • The below basket is made from Linen, Waxed cotton and Japanese bamboo (4″ x 7″)

handmade natural basket

This one is called Kanji Jar. The lid and jar as a whole looks amazing. It is made using waxed cotton, linen and wooden lid.

handmade basketry patterns

Five shades of handmade red baskets. These are made from Waxed cotton and linen, Indian lid and beads, paper •  Each basket is of 3″ x 2″ size.


basketry free patterns

Nancy Moore artist


These handmade basket ideas and designs are so inspiring! The artist Nancy Moore has done a great job with these natural materials! Hope my readers will try to make beautiful baskets with linen and cotton. 🙂

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