Silk Ribbon Embroidery Designs and Stitches


Silk ribbon embroidery is a beautiful craft that creates appealing designs on clothes. If you are beginner searching for silk ribbon embroidery basics, I hope this post will be helpful. It is a creative art which requires some level of imagination and ideas to draw eye-catching images on clothes. The silkiness of a ribbon can be best exploited for embroidery patterns.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Stitches

Below you will find some useful embroidery stitches that you can do with silk ribbons. The first stitch shows how to make a floral pattern with silk ribbon. In the first step, you can see how petals are made using a ribbon. Later petals are put together to make a flower.



Above it is shown how to place a knot at the end of a petal. Playing with ribbon and thread is quite easy if you have patience and time. Try to practice simple designs at first and later try to make an entire flower with ribbon.

When you are finished with a flower  (look at the below given floral ribbon embroidery), you may try adding leaves to make it look real. 🙂

Ribbon embroidery by Zaliana


embroidery designs




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  1. beautiful designs.. I ve been hunting all over the net for silk ribbons could you please tell me where i can find some.. I cannot find it locally either

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