Handmade Burlap Bridal Bouquets By Pam


Burlap bridal bouquets and flowers by the creative artist Pam is a feast to eyes. It is perfect for wedding decoration and her boutonnieres are so unique in design. Burlap roses, lilies and daisies are perfect for floral arrangements.

Artist Bio:

Pam is a popular Burlap artist from Florida. She is an adorable mother and grandmother ! She is blessed with four sons and one is married. She is a dynamic person who is interested in doing unique craft projects. Her mother inspired her to step into the colorful world of crafts. Her mother was a watercolor artist who painted lot of floral subjects.

Pam’s interest in Eco-friendly flower making started when her niece planned to select a burlap theme for her engagement. She started exploring different types of flowers, the leaf patterns and petal shapes. She started a shop in Etsy named “Blooming Burlap“. For getting antique shades on white burlap flowers, she used natural colors and tea. She often searched the market for the best burlap to ensure the quality of her products.

Visit her Etsy shop here.

Burlap wedding bouquets are amazing and perfect for unique weddings. We all think of selecting unique wedding themes. When you think of Eco-friendly weddings, this one is a perfect idea. Here are some of the selected works of this artist.

Burlap Bridal Bouquets









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