Creative Paper Quilling Patterns By Neli


Neli Beneva is a quilling artist from Bulgaria. She is known for her amazing paper quilling patterns and beautiful craft. Paper quilling is an amazing craft that requires a great deal of  patience and creativity. The success of an artist lies in correct blending of these ingredients. Neli has crafted beautiful handmade cards with quilling.


These cards are filled with a unique sense of beauty and is attractive. You may wonder how it is possible to turn paper strips to a wonderful artwork. You can do this on hard paper with colorful papers so that you will get a wonderful greeting card at the end!

Neli is a master in quilling techniques . The way she craft these cards shows her  talent and hard work in this field. Each strip of paper is carefully treated and stacked together to make a floral petal. Thus few petals make up a flower and so on. It is possible to make anything out of paper quilling. If you have some creativity and time, you can do it easily. Neli has beautifully created shoes, hats, flower vases and many other stuffs with quilling. You can also make  paper quilling birthday cards and Christmas cards easily for your dear ones with this craft.

If you are a beginner in this domain, I hope these craft works will be a great source of inspiration for you !!

Paper Quilling Patterns:















28 thoughts on “Creative Paper Quilling Patterns By Neli”

  1. Above patterns are just WAOO !! Can you suggest some ideas where in i can use paper quilling on gift wraps.Thanks !

    1. Thank you jaee for stopping by ! Neli patterns are amazingly beautiful. You can make some floral patterns with quilling and use on gift wraps.

  2. Neil ‘s Quilling Art is so beautiful . I would love to Learn from Neli, and incorporate my learning into my designs. Do I need her permission and are there written instructions? Most of my art is free hand, however instructions are important. I’m just in amazement and so inspired.
    Thank you,

  3. hey neli these are really fantastic and i want to know the procedures for making these..i am interested in learning this work sooo pls help me..

  4. hi dear Neli……your work is simply incredible….i loved it a lot and will try making such wonderful crafts…lots of love and best wishes dear…take care

  5. looks awesome!!! This are just the designs to do for me as a student. Am so happy i found a beautiful design!!!!!

  6. hi! ur work is excelnt . would u teach me to learn Quiling unfortunately v don`t hv quiling tools available in our country. iam thankful to u

  7. Dear Neil, Ur art s so so beautiful nd amazing.. I m also very much interested to learn.. Tell me d way to learn this.. Thank you..

  8. fantastic, I wonder how long it took u… except there’s a machine for it. I live in Nigeria and I’ve not come across such machine if there’s any. making cards z my hobbie.

  9. Nikita sharma

    Mam I just want to learn to make these amazing cards…please help how to make these beautiful cards

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