Black and White Street Photography Ideas and Tips


Black and White Street photography is an interesting area of photography which requires detailed observation of your subjects. Whatever tips and tricks you learn, you need the experience to excel in this domain. There are different street photography tutorials available on the internet. But it is important that you practice and experiment so that you can come up with your own unique style.


What exactly is street photography? A photograph that outlines a specific page of life or a story from a street can be called as a street photograph. Such photographs often talk about the life of people or a particular emotion. It is able to tell us a story or a part of a story. There are different black and white street photography tips that can be applied to take amazing photographs.

How it is different from other types of photography? It is all about capturing emotions from streets. Sometimes very simple subjects give us best photographs with creative ideas.

  • You may go out and observe people, situations and public places. It would help you give a striking subject for a photograph.
  • Attending events near your location would help you capture some of the best expressions
  • If you wish to excel in this domain, just think of people and your topic rather than thinking about taking good photographs
  • Be sure to care about the feelings of people. Some may not be interested to be subjects of photographs. In such a case, it is often advised to search for other places and people
  • Knowing technical details would help to capture the best photos. If you are concentrating on fast motion bodies, setting a fast exposure would be the solution. For shooting in low light, you may set higher ISO.
  • Experiment with different shooting angles and contrast features

Creative Black and White Street Photography Examples:


street-photo-ideasRickey Siegers



street-photography-tipsAdi Popa


old-man-photographykrishanu Das







black and white photography

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