Top Paper Quilling Ideas and Designs


Here are some of the best paper quilling ideas that I found online. Paper quilling art finds every probability to utilize paper in the most effective manner. One can easily make jewelry, paper pots, vases, crowns, alphabets, flowers, greeting cards and still models using paper. Paper strands are available in different sizes including 3mm, 5mm etc with different kind of material. One can also choose from shiny paper and normal paper. There are variety of patterns that can be made out of quilling paper. Today quilling is a well-recognized art and many talented artists teach this online. If often takes lot of time to make complex quilling projects. Today I have selected the works of top quilling artists in this domain. Enjoy!:)

Paper Quilling Ideas



3d-paper-quillingChauKhangshop Quillingquilling-ideasFreda Rudmanpaper-quilling-box

5 thoughts on “Top Paper Quilling Ideas and Designs”

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Glad that you liked it. Actually I don’t have a pattern….But I think you can make it by checking the image itself…But it demands lot of time..It is worth the effort! 🙂

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