3D Paper Cutting Designs and Ideas


3D Paper cutting is an amazing art which requires high level patience and skill. There are different types of paper cutting tools available in the marketplace. The paper cutting artists usually works with fine pieces of paper to craft a piece of artwork. Paper cutting tutorials and paper cutting books helps beginners in this field to learn and practice this art.

Apart from simple cutting techniques, 3D paper art involves detailed cutting and treatment of paper. Different types of materials can be used with this craft. The quality of the paper itself varies according to the subject. 3D paper cutting patterns and templates can be easily downloaded from the online media.

3D Paper Cutting Designs

bellebebes.co.uk paper-cutting-techniques

Calvin Nicholls

Calvin is a famous paper cut artist who entered to this domain in 1986. He is from Canada and he works from his studio in Ontario. Calvin works with finely crafted pieces of paper to create beautiful sculptures in the light of studio.


3d-paper-artHelen Musselwhite


paper-housePaper cut butterfly


paper art lafeedombrebutterfly-paper-cutPapernoodle


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