Step By Step Garlic Flower Making Tutorial


Here is a step by step flower making tutorial for my readers. This time I just thought of experimenting with garlic. To my surprise, I could make petals out of garlic peel! Actually I never thought I could craft a flower from garlic. Sometimes small and unexpected experiments brings smile and wonder to us. 🙂 I am sharing my method with my readers. Read and try out this one today!

Step By Step Flower Making Tutorial

First you need to take a perfectly shaped garlic to make a flower. Most important point is you need to handle the peel with lot of care. There are lot of chances to get the peel damaged. Try to cut out a petal-like shape from the peel. The covering peel of a garlic can be slowly taken outwards in a petal-by-petal fashion. Look at the below images so that you will get a clear idea of what I am talking about.


After taking the first peel, slowly take the next peel. Cut each peel in the shape of a petal as shown below. There are several layers of peels over a garlic. The point is to make petals from the utmost peel and then follow the same inwards.





Now we have completed the last floral layer with the outer garlic peel. You can see another layer of peel on the garlic now. Make petals from this layer also. At this point, you may encounter with garlic pieces. Carefully remove these pieces one by one. Finally you will get multiple layers of petals and the innermost white stick remains intact.



Now you will get beautiful flowers as shown here. Make several flowers so that you can arrange it in a bunch.



Hope you will try out making these flowers today itself! Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section. 🙂


  1. So beautiful! This is a very creative idea. These flowers could make a wonderful dinner table decoration when serving something with garlic to garlic lovers. MM

  2. For the first time I saw your creations – all are very unique especially the garlic flowers and crochet necklace…


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