Paper Quilling Box and Vase Designs By Maninder Marwaha


Today I am introducing the amazing artist Maninder Marwaha who is known for creative paper quilling box and pot designs. She is an expert quilling artist who was born on 10th June 1953 in Haryana (India). She is an Economics graduate who studied Economics and Home Science. She took B.Ed and is married to a wonderful man “J.S.Marwaha”. Apart from craft works, she is engaged in voluntary welfare work and also takes cooking classes for housewives.

Maninder is interested in embroidery, crochet, knitting, stitching, cooking and photography. She started quilling in 2012 and gradually made a signature of her own in this field. Her paper quilling vase designs are amazing and beautiful. Each vase or pot requires lot of tiny paper quills. Floral patterns, circles and petal-like shapes are common in such designs. It takes lot of time and needs tons of patience to make a quilling bridal box or flower vase. Her 3D paper quilling designs are inspirational and eye-catching. Decorating a bridal jewelry box is a creative process. When you craft a box, it is ideal to start from a proper base. Use a strong base and then stick each quilled petal or shape accordingly to complete the design. Use of vibrant colors help to make the box attractive. Here I have selected some of the best works of this great quilling artist. Enjoy!

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Paper Quilling Box Designs









Apart from boxes and vases, she also makes paper quilling birds, earring and necklaces. Here is a beautiful example of quilling birds (parrot).


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