Beautiful Resin Flowers By Kanzashi Artist Sakae


Resin flowers are amazingly natural and beautiful. Today’s featured artist is Sakae from Japan. Her dip flower kanzashis (hair pins) are quite popular in the online world. She is a skilled artist from Narita city. She crafts unique hair ornaments that can be used with Kimono. Each kanzashi is delicately handmade using wire and resin. She uses narrow brass wires to outline the shapes of petals. The complexity of the floral pattern defines the time period needed to complete the task. It may take around 3 days to 1 month to complete a specific kanzashi.

She make very limited number of pieces for sale. Hence getting one from her is quite difficult. Resin kanzashi sale is usually through Japanese Yahoo auctions. Her latest sale got 400,000 yen which was a tough auction with 215 buyers.

Apart from crafts, she is a nutritionist who accidently came into this domain. She worked as a nutritionist for five years and later changed her career into kanzashi artist.

Sakae spotted a girl dressed in Kimono who was short of a beautiful hair pin to complete her dress. She searched online to find kanzashis for kimono. She couldn’t find one and decided to make a hair pin herself. It marked the rise of a creative artist!

She uses transparent resin which is liquidized to make petals of flowers. It can be custom made to match with a dress using desired colors. Dip flower making tutorials widely available online. Craft lovers can easily make natural-looking flowers easily. The technique lies in making beautiful wire frames that look exactly like flower petals. Here I have selected some of the best designs for your inspiration. Smaller flowers can be crafted with hours of dedicated work. Mixing the right color pattern is essential to get the desired flower. The flowers can be arranged in a bouquet fashion or can be used as a hair pin!

Resin Flowers







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