Amazing DIY Photo Frame Ideas


DIY photo frames are a great craft project that will kick start your imagination. I always loved the idea of creating my own picture frames. My first consideration was to think about recycling something into a new piece of decorative wall hanging. As always, pinterest was my first source of inspiration. It is packed with numerous tutorials and images that will help in the making process. Today, I am showcasing some of the best photo frame ideas from internet.

 Are you expecting an electric looking frame? Just try to find out an old frame, repaint it and add some decorative elements. These frames add uniqueness to a bare wall or a living room. There are different photo options available to decorate walls. You may either choose a mini-gallery model frame or a single frame to hold a photo. But in most of the contemporary house designs, minimalist approach is preferred. So, single photo frames are used without doubt. The arrangement of frame plays a major role in determining the overall interior beauty of the wall. When it comes to picture frames, most of the people use it to show childhood memories.

DIY Photo Frame Ideas

 Natalie Shaw( Harbisonburlap-photo-frame-diyFine craft guildbest-recycle-craftJessy Troypaper-frame-ideasBeena Vadraquilled-photo-frameStacy CohenDIY-photo-frame

Without disturbing your wallet, you can easily make a photo frame from your home. DIY picture frames are easy to make and use. It is also a popular gifting idea for your loved ones.

What all materials you need to make a perfect frame? The answer actually varies with your level of imagination. Some use old frames and restructure it, while others make frames out of popsicle sticks! These sticks can be smartly used to craft a unique frame. Twigs or sticks can also be used for making such frames. You can collect some twigs and lash the twigs together with twine. You need to attach the photo behind the twigs. Wooden slats are mostly used for making this craft. Old magazines or papers can be beautifully recycled to make picture frames.

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