Polymer Clay Flowers BY Darocveta


polymer-clay-artistPolymer clay flowers often compete with natural flowers in terms of look and feel. Today’s featured artist is Darocveta who make beautiful flowers with Thai clay, Japanese clay and polymer clay. As a clay florist, she loves to craft clay brooch, Boutonniere and clay flower bridal bouquets. Darocveta was born in Kishinev, Moldova. She is quite interested to experiment with different types of clay that are available today. The point is how to achieve perfection in the petals and other minute details. According to her, the petals should have a natural color. So she thought of giving colors very carefully so that the flowers look real!

She is well-packed with lot of creative ideas and thoughts. It is evident from her floral creations. Her work with cold porcelain beads are quite notable. She makes stunning hair clips and bridal accessories with clay flowers. Even though wedding themes are challenging, she prefer to give an artistic touch to everything that comes her way. “Hearty Soft” is a Japanese clay that is quite flexible and good enough to make delicate flowers. These self-solidifying clay is the best tool for a clay florist like her. 🙂 Here are some of the selected polymer clay flowers by this artist.

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Polymer Clay Flowers









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