Mulberry Paper Flowers Bouquets By Thitarat


Mulberry paper flowers are popularly used for making handmade cards, scrapbooks and for wedding decorations. Paper flower making is a creative art that requires artistic sense. Today’s featured artist is Thitarat A¬†who makes beautiful paper grass flowers. She was born in Thailand and runs a successful craft store in Etsy.

Mulberry paper is obtained from the pulp of the bark of mulberry tree. There are different grades of paper available in the market. Handmade papers have good texture and is perfect for stamping. She loves to observe everything around her. She is often attracted towards fields, little birds and grass flowers. Her love for nature can be clearly seen in her craft works. Thitarat makes paper flower bouquets with diverse types of paper. She makes colorful paper tulips and paper roses for arrangements. Mulberry paper roses compete with original roses in terms of appearance. Each rose petal is stamped and painted carefully.

Visit her Etsy store here.

Mulberry Paper Flowers









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