Paper Bead Purse Designs and Ideas By Vicki Dehne


Paper bead jewelry is quite popular these days. But have you ever though of having a purse made of paper beads. Today’s featured artist is Vicki Dehne who is known for amazing range of paper crafts.

Paper bead purse is a creative craft which demands a creative mind. Each paper bead is made with special care and attention. Paper strips of equal size gives beads of correct size.


She make purses by carefully sticking beads together in a particular framework. Highly quality paper is ideal for making such craft. One notable point is these paper purses are water resistant! But it is highly recommended to keep away from water.

Most of the bags require more than 400 paper beads. You can also experiment with paper of different texture and different colors.

Paper Bead Purse Patterns






8 thoughts on “Paper Bead Purse Designs and Ideas By Vicki Dehne”

  1. Joanie Yarian

    Where can i get/buy the pattern for the first or last paper bead purse picture on this site?

  2. I love these purse but I can’t fine not one video on how to make paper bead purse. so if you know of one please please let me know

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