DIY Tissue Paper Ballerinas By Stariy Chemodan


Making tissue paper ballerinas is a cool DIY project to start a crafty day! It is an amazing decorative idea for girl’s parties. The main attraction is you just need only some basic supplies to do this work. With some napkin papers, wire and glue, you can easily craft a paper ballerinas. With the help of a creative mom, kids can easily come up with beautiful figurines.

Today’s featured artist is Stariy Chemodan from She is a talented artist who crafts beautiful objects from simple craft supplies!

Step By Step Tissue Paper Ballerinas

You need some tools like scissors, pliers and a thread. First, take a wire and bend it into the shape of a small ballerina.



Now divide the tissue paper into several layers. Keep some single-layer papers for later use. Without using scissors, tear the papers into 1.5 inch wide strips.Take the wire frame and cover it with paper strips and glue it. Refer the figure here to get a clear idea. DIY-craft-projects

Now decide the dress length of the ballerina and cut the tissue papers accordingly. Be sure to make a rounded hemline. To get beautiful folds, curl the ballerina dress in two different directions. For a single ballerina, you need at least two dresses.craft-projects





Make a small hole on the dress and put it on the frame. Now you can tie the thread around the waist and adjust the dress. paper-ballerina-tutorial




1 thought on “DIY Tissue Paper Ballerinas By Stariy Chemodan”

  1. Hello~ I first wanna say that your ballerina is awesome, and I wanted to make one too. I have made the body and covered it with the tissue papers but I don’t know how to make the fold of the frock/ dress. Could you please teach me?
    Again, your ballerina is awesome and so pretty 🙂

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