How To Make Clay Orchid Step By Step


Interested to make clay orchid? Here is a step by step clay flower making tutorial by Buday Csilla. Today’s featured artist is Buday from Hungary. She is a gifted artist who makes beautiful flowers from clay. Her website showcases an array of creations.


Clay flower making is an art that demands lot of patience. The selection of right air dry clay is the key to a successful piece of work. She conduct workshops for those interested to study this craft. She takes classes at different places. Her handmade flowers look unique and natural. Her collection includes pansy, lavender, cattleya, euphorbia, fuchsia, petunia etc.

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How To Make Clay Orchid Step By Step

You need air dry clay, floral wire, oil paint and floral tape.

Tools required: Cutter set, vein stamps, point tools, golf tools, scissors, brushes, pasta machine etc.

This tutorial is meant for those who know basics of clay flower making. Orchid is often a tough level flower. To make Cattleya orchid, the first step is to make fine sheet of clay using pasta machine. After making a thin sheet of clay, cut necessary petal shape using the orchid cutter. The veins on the petal are obtained by using vein stamps. The figure shows how each petal looks like.



Insert the floral tape as shown in the figure and make a successful petal. Unique color composition is the major characteristic of this flower.orchid-flower-tutorial

Now take clay and color it with green to make the stem. Wrap the floral wire with green clay. Make orchid leaves and attach the leaves to the stem.clay-flower-twigs


The Cattleya flowers can be now attached to the stem and leaves.
clay-orchid-CattleyaRoots add to the natural look of the flower. Orchid flowers come with such roots. You can easily make these roots with clay. After making roots, assemble all the parts into a pot. It is fun and worthy to make clay orchids this way.


Visit the artist website to get know about workshops in Budapest.

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