Creative Wooden Jewelry Designs and Ideas


Wooden jewelry based on contemporary designs are quite popular these days. The need for wooden necklace and bangles accelerated during the recent years. There are a number of wood jewelry artists who focus on crafting beautiful chains, modern necklaces and other accessories. Jewelry can be made from different types of wood including Ebony, Birch, Oak tree etc. It is often difficult to make jewelry out of wood. With talent and hard work, you can turn a piece of wood into a beautiful chain or bangle. All it takes is a pinch of creativity.

Jewelry designers focus on crafting unique designs using wood. Wooden beads can be made from different types of wood including Ebony, Teak, Mahogany etc. With these beads, one can easily make a chain or necklace. Most of the designers use silver, stones, thread etc to make ornaments. Here I have selected some of the best wooden jewelry designs that I found online. Hope you would like this one ! 🙂

Wooden Jewelry Designs

Antje Brauer

wood-necklacePine cone flowers (Sarah Hood)wood-necklace-designsFurman Kate creative-jewelryTory Burchwood-jewelryTerhi Tolvanenwood-jewelry-ideasTerhi Tolvanenwood-necklacegioiellocontemporaneo

wooden-chainArt Aureamatchstick-jewelryGustav Reyesfashion-wood-jewelryLena OlsonLena-Olson-jewelryKara RossKara-ross-jewelry

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