Crochet Hat Patterns for Babies by Tricia Roberts


Crochet hat patterns and designs for babies are available for free from the online world. Today’s featured artist is[button size=’small’ style=’dark-brown’]Tricia Roberts [/button] from Busy Mom Designs. She is a proud mom to four cute children. Tricia loves to craft beautiful designs using crochet and this talent helped her to start her own online business through her Etsy store “Busy Mom Designs”. She was successful in selling thousands of crochet patters through the store.

Here I have selected some of the best crochet hat patterns for baby boys and girls from Tricia’s store. You may purchase these patterns from her store at affordable rates. These patterns are easy to understand and perfect for beginners in this field.

Crochet hats are perfect for babies during winter  season. It is always a matter of pleasure to make a beautiful crochet hat for your baby or gift it for others. The best part is you can even contribute these hats to local hospitals. When making a crochet hat for a baby girl, make sure to select colorful designs and patterns. It is often recommended to use soft and tender crochet hats for newly born babies as it is perfect for baby’s skin. Selecting the yarn is an important step here. You must purchase baby yarn for babies below three months.

Crochet Hat Size Chart For Babies

  • F hook is preferred for your new born babies
  • If your baby is 3-6 months old, you may go for G/H hook is better. Note that H hook is a bigger stitch.
  • H/I crochet hook for 6-9 months old babies
  • Bigger crochet hooks (I/J) for 9-12 months old babies

Crochet Hat Patterns For Babies














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