Georgie boy Motorhomes

The Georgie boy motorhomes of class A type includes Georgie boy cruise master, landau and pursuit. The Georgie boy maverick is the class C motorhome which makes a practical machine for an adventurous trip. The class A motorhomes are luxurious recreational vehicles and comes with various configurations. It is a bus chassis or a truck and most have a flat front end resembling a bus. They are powered by diesel or gasoline with efficient engine capacity. The Georgie boy cruise master 2740FWS is a class A motorhome with double wardrobes, overhead cabinets, queen bed, standing dinette table and sleeper sofa.

The Georgie boy landau 3645 includes an automatic satellite dish and features necessary equipment for a comfortable living experience. It features an 8.1 Chevy engine model and is powered by gas. The georgie boy pursuit is a class A motorhome with special features to give a luxury tinted journey with modern amenities. It has a stainless steel kitchen sink, two door fridge and spacious living space with wooden furniture. The cruise air by georgie boy is designed for the 21st century with style and convenience. You can travel with elegance in this extraordinary motorhome. It has a sleek look and the fiberglass sidewalls accentuate the bus styling with flowing graphics.

The georgie boy motorhomes are made for exceptional travelling experience with great amenities. So when you buy a motorhome, look for its features and buy the quality trusted manufacturers.

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