DIY Eiffel Tower Using Coconut Sticks By Md Umer


Here is a diy Eiffel tower made from coconut sticks. Have you ever thought of using coconut sticks to make an Eiffel tower? Today’s featured artist is Md Umer. His work is amazingly detailed and picture perfect. It demands lot of patience and care to make such a beautiful creation.

Md Umer is an Indian artist who was born on 11th May, 1991. He is a civil engineer and is currently working as Assistant Professor at Aurora Research and Technological Institute.

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DIY Eiffel Tower Using Coconut Sticks

Materials Required: Coconut Stick broom, match box sticks, glue, colours, ball pins and thick drawing sheets.

Method: First as per our measurements we have to draw the tower manually on sheet with appropriate measurements. Now you can start the work. Take vertical & horizontal angles and join together as shown in photos. Make the base of the tower first. It is made with thermocol and thick drawing sheets.


The structure of the tower is made carefully by joining coconut sticks. The base and the taller portion should be in the right proportion. Hence dimensions are very important here.




After making the base, attach the next portion. You need to take care of minute details.



Here is the finished Eiffel tower made from coconut sticks! 🙂


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