Creative Paper Jewelry Designs By Hippie Kingdom


Recycled and Eco-friendly paper jewelry designs are today’s trend. Devi Chand is a creative paper artist from India. She took a degree in Accessory design from NIFT and molded her career in a unique way. Her paper necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be bought her paper jewelry Etsy store named “Hippie Kingdom“. She had her artistic instinct in her childhood days, which grew up along with her. Her rich sense of color and diverse patterns make her a unique artist in this field.

The way she makes use of waste paper and other items is quite amazing. She just requires some crafty materials and a pinch of time to craft beautiful accessories. The art of making paper beads demands patience and artistic sense. She had both these factors in the right mix so that the final product turns out to be wonderful. Each bead is made carefully by rolling paper and applying glue at the end. Each beads are assembled to make a necklace or bracelet. She also makes newspaper jewelry that is quite a trendy product these days. Here are some of the selected jewelry from this artist. You may feel it hard to believe these are made of paper!

Paper Jewelry Designs









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