Creative Arabic Mehndi Designs By Nasima


Today’s featured artist is Nasima from Nasima’s Henna. Her creative arabic mehndi designs makes her a unique henna artist. Whenever I search web for stylish Arabic mehndi designs, I always reached her page!  I was always admired by her unique designs. So, here is an interview with this master artist. 🙂

Interview With Mehndi Design Artist Nasima

Hi Nasima….Welcome to Lifechilli.

Greetings everyone! Before I start with the interview, I want to thank Lifechilli for featuring me in their blog. I hope this interview will help you to know me a little better. My name is Nasima Akter and I live in Qatar. I was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh and moved to Qatar in 1999. Since then, I have been living here in Qatar with my family. I went to Bangladesh School for my secondary education and I chose Qatar University for my higher education and I successfully graduated from Qatar University last fall, Alhamdulillah. About my family, I just want to say they mean everything to me and I want to thank them for continuously supporting me in everything and my henna journey.

  1. What inspired you to start henna designing?

I believe it is my passion for drawing that leads me to do henna designing. I have had a desire for drawing since my childhood, but I never thought of taking it seriously and educate myself on drawing for future. However, I used to make small designs with henna when I was a kid and maybe I was 12 years old when I discovered henna tubes and started designing on my sister’s and my hand during Eid occasions only. I used to get some photocopies of henna designs from my aunt and I would try them on my sister. My skills got better in the past few years and people started telling me I have a talent and I should open a Facebook page and let people know about it. It was the end of 2012, when my friend helped me make the page and I made it public 2013. Since then, I am enjoying sharing my work with people from all over the world.

  1. Are you taking this as a profession? If yes, how you feel about it?

I am not taking it as a profession at the moment, but it’s more like a side business for me. I take individual appointments and party appointments only for ladies. I enjoy doing it; because this is what I am good at and it gives me an opportunity to meet different people from different background as well as it helps my henna drawing skills get better.

  1. Your interest in making innovative designs?

I always try to make my designs different, creative and unique, because I want to be recognized for my own work and I enjoy giving my mind some space to come up with something that my viewers have never seen before. However, I do get inspired and like to try out works of other artists as well, because converting from one style to another is a great challenge to accept I believe. Most of my design inspirations are nature, jewelries, my surrounding and just my pure thinking behind making the things that inspire me to turn it to a henna design.

  1. Which mehndi style you prefer? Indian or Arabic?

I prefer Arabic henna designs most of the time, because I like how Arabic designs are so simple and facile yet so eye-catching, elegant and stylish. For me, Arabic designs give me a wider space to think and draw creative designs. One main reason for me to like it so much is because, Arabic designs are quite flowing in nature with most of the designs embracing patterns of leaves, vines and flowers. I believe that Arabic designs are perfect for all the occasions, because it suits everyone and nowadays, cute Arabic henna designs became a fashion as it makes one look chic and stunning.

Creative Arabic Mehndi Designs By Nasima








For creative arabic mehndi designs, visit Nasima’s Facebook page here.

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